Body count: Amber Ray and her ex remind us why a woman’s history is important

Amber Ray and her beau have called it quits -again. Same script, different cast. And as always, she is already back on the streets looking for a new victim to love and scam in what is actually one of the world’s most cynical scams: playing with people’s emotions. And we will be here for the latest update to her body count chronicles.

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But as we continue to laugh at the tragic comedy that is her love life, we have to pause and see whether there are lessons for us to take away from her latest relationship with a Sierra Leonean man (basketball athlete) who goes by the name Kabba. And we glean this from one of the comments he made to SPM Buzz when he said,

“I still love her but everyone has moved on. I did not take time to know who Amber Ray was. She was always telling me not to listen to what I hear about her or read about her.”

This is something that one would think is common sense but you would be surprised just how many men are willing to ignore this instinctive knowledge or worse still, sacrifice it just so they can get into m’lady’s pantaloons. And it is worse when she is a celebrity or someone who they think is beautiful.

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It is for this reason that all of Amber Ray’s exes would sing the same song and gnash their teeth for the same reason: they chose to ignore the wisdom in finding out about her past. You see, whereas women are concerned about a man’s future (for provisionary purposes), men need to be concerned about her past because it would allow you to know whether or not to take the relationship seriously.

Does her body count read like something out of a 15-a-side rugby team lineup complete with the coaching staff, reserves and subs? Then you, my friend, are in for a headache if you decide to get serious with her. You would be best advised to simply smash and dash. What I mean by that is that you would need to accept that a woman who has run around town twice and got the addresses in her little black book, a woman who is familiar with how the bedposts in every bachelor (and married man’s) bedroom is not a great candidate for wifing up.

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I mean, when we look at Amber Ray, this is made abundantly clear when you realise she destroyed her first “husband’s” house and home in the form of Zaheer Jhanda, then there were other men who used her to flavour their week, then there was Jimal Roho Safi whose home was left a wreck after her hurricane blew through.

A woman’s past is a great indicator of whether or not she can pair bond. That is, for a bond in a healthy relationship pair and our girl has shown time and again that she cannot but that won’t stop a simp or two from thinking he is the one to save her. “She might have had many, but I will be her last” type of simpleton. A woman’s past also tells you about the type of men she finds truly scintillating so you don’t find yourself being the square trying to fit into a round hole.

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So what should Amber Ray do? Well, nothing. She is living her life and should continue enjoying it. Afterall, Kenyan men are hopeless romantics and some fool is bound to pop up and try to make an honest woman of her. If that doesn’t happen then she is looking at a long, lonely life with her peak far behind her as she ages and her beauty fades.

Amber Ray

But if you want to enjoy her company as a man with more than porridge between his ears, then by all means, keep reminding yourself that this is he pinnacle of what she has to offer -a fun time. It will be shortlived and it will be a wild ride but do not commit to her. Get your rocks off and keep it moving. Her past has already informed you about what to expect.

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