Body goals! Pierra Makena giving many sleepless nights with drop dead gorgeous figure (Photo)

Pierra Makena who is one of the most popular DJ’s in the country; has been working tirelessly working on her body for years.

DJ Pierra

Just like most first time mums, Pierra Makena ended up battling baby fat for close to 5 years; and surprisingly, all that fat is gone!

Ghafla confirmed this with a new photo shared on Pierra Makena’s page and judging from the flat flawless tummy; one would never say she has ever carried a baby to full term.

DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter

Baby fat where?

Her fitness journey has however not been easy; as we saw Pierra struggle with baby fat for close to 4 years.

But thanks to consistency and discipline, Pierra has managed to shed off all her baby fat; and currently looks like a 20 something year old girl. Slay mama slay!

Pierra Makena

Well, could be that the excess weight was caused by the stress she suffered after baby daddy walked out on her; months before their daughter was born.

From what we know, is that Pierra is a dedicated single mum for now; but hey it’s been 5 years since the nasty breakup up…probably it’s time to move on. Yes?

Check our the new photo below;

Pierra Makena flaunts figure


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