Bonita Lilly strikes flawless chemistry with Barnaba Classic to set the artistic scene ablaze with a beautiful ballad, Nimenasa (Video)

Image: Artists Bonita Lilly & Barnaba Classic

There’s a spanking, exciting new release on our music sphere that’s causing ripples. It’s a story of an effortlessly creative Kenyan Diva & Artist…..

Artist: Bonita Lilly

Video: Nimenasa, feat. Barnaba Classic.

The new release, Nimenasa features slow, rhythmic beats. This is a love ballad blended with soft vocals and spiced with a lot of tangible heartache. The plot and style of narration serves and contrasts a generous cocktail of love and unforeseen betrayal – as is nigh becoming relevant in modern relationships.

There’s instances a listener finds an artist whose plot and emotion strokes a buried memory – and, the heart coils and clenches with emotion. Not often, but it happens. This is it.

It doesn’t help that gifted artist Bonita Lilly teams up with an equally talented and ‘beloved’ partner in crime: Barnaba Classic. This duo runs the plot script down to the core, with perfect chemistry on set.

Barnaba Classic is the classic (no pun intended) musician and entertainer. Say, how often have you seen or heard of Barnaba Classic away from music? Well, not much, because, this is an artist not in it for fame, but passion.

Barnaba, unlike his peers, hasn’t featured much in distractive, sidelining drama and self-hyping scandals but has been consistent – impeccable releases, stage performances. That’s a plus.

That Bonita Lilly has found rhythm with soulful Barnaba Classic – deep enough, to produce a flawless love ballad, is a glimpse of how talented she is. The artists connect on an awesome level, and the result is a rare integration of powerful vocals and effortless chemistry in the video.

It’s hard to not love Bonita Lilly.

Bonita is a gifted singer, and a talented dancer. That’s a rare combination.

She’s a serious entity in the list of artists in contention for the region’s top female artist. An industry-soul mate probable, Bonita Lilly would be a perfect feature artist alongside Nadia Mukami, Nandy, up to and including Femi One.

Or, wait for it, vocal artist for a genre-flip production.

A suitable genre-flip for Bonita Lilly would be clashing her smooth, soft vocals, against a rough backdrop – rap, hip hop beats. An ideal genre-flip artist would be Rapper Khaligraph Jones, perhaps. In this case, her dancing prowess would be priceless!

Besides the latest video, Nimenasa, Bonita Lilly has previously released catchy hits like Ikamate and the autonomous club banger, Parte!

Off the stage, Bonita Lilly is an established celebrity fashion and beauty stylist. In Mtwapa, this enigmatic artist is the brains behind Lilly Designs, and Lilly Beauty Spot.

You hardly need to know, but the launch of these outlets was graced by rap icon Khaligraph Jones, Socialite Vera Sidika and Comedian Smart Joker.

Bonita Lilly is set to become an established brand in the industry.

Here’s her latest video, Nimenasa. Watch and listen, and amuse us with your two-cent worth in the comment section below:

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