Boundaries! Actress Naomi Nyongesa owes son, Xian Dela an apology for airing family problems on social media

You see, with the type of exposure Xian Dela’s mum aka Naomi Nyangesa has – one would expect she understands the damage that comes with exposing personal issues on social media but unfortunately – this is not the case.

We confirmed this a few days ago after she had an interview where she opened up on going issues between her and son, Xtian Dela and from what she says – is that they haven’t been in contact for 4 years….quite a long time for a child to be away from his parents or rather mother.

However as soon as she started explaining the fallout – it then became obvious that there was more to the story hence Xtian Dela distancing himself from her and siblings. I mean – think about it – would you really go missing on your dear mum if everything back at home was okay?

Xtian Dela is right to protect mental health

So again like i asked – what do you think would be the reason why Xtian Dela has not only distanced himself from his mum but refuses to introduce his wife (allegedly) and 4 months old newborn?

Well, the only reasonable reason is mental health and judging by Xtian Dela’s response on why he keeps off his mum…..just like we assumed – he revealed that his mum and family are toxic people hence the distance.

And at this point i am fully convinced that a son….any normal son and even abnormal worships there mums more compared to their dads…..and having Xtian distance himself from his mum tells us alot.

And although we all want to seem respectful and obedient when it comes down to parents…..one thing we have learnt from the western culture is that – you should not accept any mental damage from family and even parents.

Sometimes the judgemental comments, insults, comparison to so and so, parents reminding you that youre a failure every now and then damages a child mentally and has to cope with its struggles for years.

So yea again, maybe i’ts not always about children being obedient to their parents but parents understanding where to draw the line.

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