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Breeder LW proves he is Khaligraph Jones heir apparent

April 17, 2020 at 18:55
Breeder LW comes through on 'Kitu Nono Remix' alongside Ssaru, Maandy and Boutross

Should Khaligraph Jones decide he wants to call it a day on his rap career, he can do so knowing full well that it is in good hands; Breeder LW’s. Khaligraph Jones who has single handedly been carrying the Kenyan rap game seeing as Nyashinski decided to go the Drake way…

Let us not even act like Nyashinski isn’t churning out pop-rap which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing but the fact remains that Khaligraph Jones has been carrying Kenyan hip hop for a year now.
Away from that messy introduction, we are going to refocus our attention back on Breeder LW. He is a member of the new class of Kenyan entertainers who have come up during the Gengetone age but he, unlike his contemporaries decided against being yet another Gengeton artist.

Breeder LW

Breeder LW

He released a track called Kitu Nono and I will invite you to use your imagination to decide what he is describing as a fat thing. And with the success o that track, he decided to pass the blessing forth and shine a light on upcoming artists on the remix of the track.
So he reached out to Maandy, Denzel Kong, Ssaru, Mastar Vk as well as Boutross fro the track and what he did wasn’t fair! He blew everyone out of the water by showcasing his talent and versatility, rapping with a different flow from that we are accustomed to.

Breeder LW

Breeder LW

The ladies on the track, Maandy and Ssaru hold their own when compared to the other rappers on the track but again I reiterate that Breeder LW blew everyone out of the water.

The Kitu Nono remix was producer by Vic West and was mix and mastered by T.K Records.

Check out the jam below:


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