Brenda Jons quits LGBTQ community, says it was just a phase

The weekend is over and we’re back to yet another week of nothing but interesting stories from your favorite celebrities. Well, for starters we would like to start with Brenda Jons latest revelation on her sexuality; and after years of being a lesbian – Brenda Jons now says she prefers men.

Brenda Jon’s introduces new girlfriend

Yes. The same lady that literally wept on her social media pages claiming beauty Mogul Phoina Tosha stole her girlfriend – now says that was just a phase and nothing serious but just usual fun.

Responding to one of her fans asking why she had omitted the LGBTQ flag from her bio, Brenda Jon’s truthfully responded saying;

The reason is quite deep. I feel like that side of my life was a phase that I had to go through and I went through it.


That wasn’t really my identity. It wasn’t who I am.

Brenda Jons

Brenda Jons

Well, I guess it’s a win for the boy child especially now that there’s competition from the gay community….it’s not like back then when it was about men and women….these days a man can have your man outright!

But hopefully this new phase will be easier for 25 year old Brenda Jons who has clearly had a rough time trying to bag a girlfriend for herself.


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