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This is why Bridget Achieng celebrated her 28th birthday with Vera Sidika’s ex boyfriend

July 17, 2017 at 06:53
This is why Bridget Achieng celebrated her 28th birthday with Vera Sidika's ex boyfriend

Bridget Achieng and Vera Sidika might not be on the same level but they are both socialites who have gained fame thanks to their curvy bodies and the fact that they both altered their skin tones!

So far we understand that the two ladies have never been friends since they have never met in person nor do they follow each other on social media. Therefore did Bridget Achieng break the girl code when she celebrated her 28th birthday with Queen Vee’s ex boyfriend who recently leaked her nudes all over social media?

Well, I guess not. After a photo of Bridget Achieng emerged hanging out with Yomi Johns the lass decided to explain herself whereby she revealed that he was not the only person in attendance for her 28th birthday that went down at KIZA lounge this past weekend.

According to the Nairobi Diaries cast, it is about time people minded their own businesses as she feels fed up with the rumors ruining her image on social media. But wait….if she only hanged out with Vera Sidika’s ex as a friend then why explain yourself on social media?? But that’s not for me to know!

Nabado nitawanyosha,wasenge nyinyi, when am broke you talk, when I have money you talk , when I use cream you talk when I don't you talk , I don't remember borrowing anyone's skin or boyfriend to go for my errands, when I lived in a small house you talked, now am in a big house, you say I go to witch doctors, why can't y'all go there and make your life better, and let me be …is anyone's boyfriend missing?nawaoooh!!stop editing and filtering my photos my girlfriend took nicely for mere gossip, that does not put food on your table ,tafuteni kwengine kwa kuondolea stess zenu please, the thunder that will fire all this girls with pseudo abusing me shamelessly on blogs as if you guys are saints is doing press ups ….am done for now #stillenjoyingmybirthday #letmeentertainyou #andiwillgiveyou#moregist#totalkabout#tommorrow #sinceyouguys#arejobless

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