Brotherly love? Jose Chameleone & brother, Pallaso need to address erotic viral video

Is it me or is Jose Chameleone and brother Pallaso not telling us something about their relationship as blood brothers? I mean – weve seen them kiss before while on stage but honestly never did we imagine they would grind on each like lovers.

Well i know i need not say much after one of their videos went viral. It was self explanatory – kinda not what we are used to and even if the LGBTQ community is slowly getting accepted by society – no one expected that brothers would want to be together as lovers. Isn’t that incest?

Anyway truth is mambo ni mengi but muda ndio inatuchenga and now more than ever – maybe Jose Chameleone needs to address his latest video with small brother….because as fans, we are confused and now wondering could Jose Chameleone be playing for the other team? Is that also why our favorite classic presenter wacha tu.

Not Marketing strategy

Anyway since these two never addressed the kissing photo – chances are that they will also not shed any light on their dancing video and leaving fans jumping in conclusion.

However i also don’t think having them act this way is normal – so what could really be the problem with the brothers since their behavior is starting to look more like confused people or could this be a marketing strategy? Or witchcraft?

Like i said, mambo ni mengi masaa ndo machache….but hopefully with time – we as fans will get good explanation.

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