Brown Mauzo Is Still Not Hitting Despite Being Vera’s Baby Daddy.

Vera Sidika is a bigwig when it comes to the entertainment industry. And her massive fan base is something she has been building over the years with showbiz. The fact that she has dated celebrities makes her even more relevant in showbiz.

From Otile Brown, to Jimmy Chansa, to flamboyant Nigerian businessman Yommy, and now to Brown Mauzo. From the men she has dated, it’s enough to say her taste is on brown men.

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Marriage With No Benefits

Vera Sidika’s photo with hubby leaves many talking

Despite dating several men; even Internationally, none of them managed to impregnate her while their candle was still lit.

But then came Brown Mauzo. Somehow, he managed to sweep Vera off her feet despite not being all that popular before they met. To spice things up, they have a daughter (Asia Brown) together already.

For the years that they’ve been together, Brown Mauzo is still lagging behind with his music; unlike Vera’s ex-boyfriend Otile Brown, who was thriving while they were together.

Their impeccable love for each other can’t go un-noticed since they can’t stop gushing over each other over & over.

But what’s the use? Brown Mauzo helped Vera to chase clout before the release of her song. But what about his songs? They barely get 100K views.

Check one of Brown Mauzo’s songs below;

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