Brown Mauzo’s Music getting slow reception

Brown Mauzo has been one of Kenya’s bongo artist. He has struggled with the high tides in the industry which is dominated by Tanzanian musicians. Although Brown Mauzo is talented he is derailing in climbing the ladder.

Mauzo has a good voice, great artwork in the way he writes his music. My only question is why is his music stagnant?

Brown Mauzo. Kenyan bongo artist

The kind of music he doe is accepted well here in Kenya morose when done by an artist in Tanzania. What is happening to Kenyans? As much as Mombasa is a Swahili dominate city, Brown rarely gets even 100k likes on youtube.

This is very depressing for an artist who has given music his all. I mean look at the efforts he is putting in. To start with he has had a couple of radio tours but nothing is improving. Could it be that Kenyans are very mean? Or they do not feel his vibe?

What Should Brown Mauzo Do?

Firstly, I feel like Brown Mauzo should re-strategize in the way he does music. What exactly do I mean? He needs to change his style. Who knows that this could be the only way he can win back his fans.

Even with all the fame Mauzo needs to seek collaborations with big artists. It is high time that he left Kenyan artists be and merge with Tanzanian Bongo artists who are really taking the stage. He should not concentrate more on Kenya but on the platforms where Bongo music is appreciated.

In addition to that, it is not a must for him to concentrate more on Bongo music. How about he tried another genre? This guy is super talented. Most of this musicians do not listen to their fans. This could be the only way they ca be relevant.

Brown Mauzo long ago was doing so well, I wonder what changed a long the way. His music has become stagnant and his name is no longer growing. You’ll agree with me that he just needs change.

In collaborations, he seems to be doing better. His latest single Aniote has not even hit 50k views.

Below is a link to his new video.




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