Bully number One! KOT impressed after one Fridah exposes Mulamwah for online bullying and threatening her life

Kenyan comedian, Mulamwah’s fire doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon. It started with his confession to quit comedy over bullies, before he got exposed for being a bully himself.

Kiss 100 radio presenter, Kamene Goro came out first after the comedian’s confession went viral, countering his claims labeling him the biggest bully she has ever known.

This seemingly settled after he apologized to her for his actions.

Kamene Goro and Mulamwah


Well now, the fire has been reignited. Kenyans on Twitter led the hashtag ‘Mulamwah and Fridah’ on the 22nd of April.


This trended for the better part of the evening, after a girl named ‘Fridah’ exposed his crude ways.


Fridah revealed she was forced to deactivate her account and commit social media suicide, due to an online bullying by the upcoming comedian.

The lady goes ahead to disclose that Mulamwah started threatening her on the 7th of April, even involving Fridah’s parents in the mix.



Let’s take you back in time, Fridah came to light when she allegedly body-shamed the comedian before later apologizing.

However, it turns out that the comedian might have held onto the grudge a little longer and instead started harassing her offline.


Sharing screenshots of her conversations with Mulamwah, the chats indicate that he was threatening Fridah.

Thats how bad things usually go. Haikuangi mchezo. Tuko pamoja hii wiki yote. Always use your influence wisely it might land you into more trouble than you think. Its time i made you famours now. Katambe ????

Unapologetically warning her that their battle had just began and she better pray that she comes out alive.

Am sorry you are serving as an example. Am sorry. Just pray things goyour way because am fed up.

Take a look:

She further alleges that Mulamwah would use different phone numbers to threaten her.

A Kenyan on Twitter who claims to have called the comedian, divulged that Mulamwah said he harasses Fridah so that she learns her lesson and be warned.

Identified as ‘MJ’ on Twitter, Fridah said she had just had enough of him and was ready to face him head on.



After he seemed distressed on social media for losing his 3-month unborn child, Kenyans rushed to Mulamwah’s aid, comforting him and encouraging him that all is not lost.

However, he should have known that no one plays KOT because your dark days are coming, in the event they find out you lied.

KOT accused the budding comedian of driving the lady – Fridah – into depression over bullying.

Comedian Mulamwah and the victim of his bullying, Fridah

Mulwamwah is now facing the wrath of Kenyans online for being nothing short of a hypocrite and seeking sympathy that was never deserved in the first place.

They just could not take it from the comedian who walks all over social media in sheep’s clothing.

Kenyans called him out for being a bully who hides in comedy and one who thrives in intimidating ladies.

For some update, Kenyans brought in the hashtag #ArrestMulamwah to just get over and done with all this circus.

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