Calling A Pastor ‘Father’ Is Actually Humiliating The Real Parents’- Ezekiel Mutua

A video of pastor Tony Kiamah of the KAG Rivers of God church preaching that pastors should not be called “father” or “mother” has gone viral, attracting mixed reactions.

In the video, Kiamah criticizes pastors who want their congregants to call them “father” or “mother.” He says that this is wrong because pastors cannot take the place of parents.

“There is no day your pastor can take the place of your parents until the sun rises in the west,” Kiamah says. “So do not call me father or mother. I am your pastor.”

Kiamah says that some pastors want to be called “father” or “mother” because they know that the word of a parent is not disputed. He says that this is a way for pastors to control their congregants.

“Some pastors deliberately want to be called father or mother because they know that the word of a parent is not disputed,” Kiamah says. “So when they say something, you cannot question it. But I am not your father. I am your pastor.”

Mutua Reacts

The director general of the Media Council of Kenya (MCSK), Ezekiel Mutua, has also weighed in on the issue. Mutua agrees with Kiamah, saying that pastors who want to be called “father” or “mother” are trying to deceive their congregants.

“Calling a pastor father or mother is actually humiliating the real parents and is a method used by deceivers to distort the authority of the parent,” Mutua says. “Your pastor is not your father or mother. They cannot and should never take the authority and role of a parent.”

The video of Kiamah’s sermon has been shared thousands of times on social media. Many people have praised Kiamah for speaking out against the practice of calling pastors “father” or “mother.” Others have criticized Kiamah, saying that he is being disrespectful to pastors.

The debate over whether or not pastors should be called “father” or “mother” is likely to continue. However, Kiamah’s sermon has sparked a much-needed conversation about the role of pastors in the lives of their congregants.

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