Carol Katrue Shares Miracle Baby’s Hefty Daily Hospital Care Costs

Carol Katrue, partner of musician Peter Mwangi, known by his stage name Miracle Baby, recently opened up about the financial challenges they face due to his ongoing medical needs.

In an interview, Katrue revealed the daily expenses incurred for Miracle Baby’s care, amounting to nearly Ksh 30,000. She mentioned seeking financial assistance from musician Jaguar and comedian KRG The Don to help manage these costs.

Thankfully, with the intervention of Jaguar and his associates, Miracle Baby was admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment. They were able to secure presidential assistance to expedite his admission.

Katrue previously informed the public that Miracle Baby underwent a successful surgery, but requires ongoing medical care for full recovery. She also shared that he currently relies on a tube for waste removal due to complications from the surgery.

Miracle Baby’s health struggles are rooted in a past surgery gone wrong, leading to ongoing intestinal issues. The couple previously faced a medical bill of over Ksh 1.4 million, with comedian Eric Omondi leading a fundraising effort. However, a significant portion of the collected funds were used to cover daily expenses.

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