Carol Katrue upgraded to baby mama level by Miracle baby after welcoming 1st baby together

Miracle baby is a happy father of 5 kids from his 4 baby mamas and yes – clearly for a 28 year old man – Miracle baby is undeniably working overtime.

Peter Miracle baby with bae – Carol Katrue

Okay…maybe overtime in bed but not for the responsibilities facing him after siring kids out here. I say this because he has been accused of neglecting his kids by one of his baby mamas and i remember how nasty the expose was since girlfriend Carol Katrue decided to handle it herself.

However God being funny – he then granted Katrue a fruit of her womb….maybe as a blessing but also definitely a lesson – that she too can become a baby mama. Lol. I know some of yall will say the writer is a hater but come on…..wheres the ring and papers showing they are married? So baby mama it is.

Mcheka kilema hafi bila (Karma)

Okay i know you are wondering where i am going with this and truth is – all i wanted to say is Carol Katrue and Miracle baby will make great parents….haha maybe…okay let me be serious kidogo.

Carol Katrue with newborn

What i am saying is that Carol Katrue should brace herself for new changes in her life now that she is a mum. I can already bet she is fatigued and secretly wishes – everybody would give her a break….but no mami, things just got real.

You see now that she is already a mother (officially) chances are that Miracle baby will now settle down as a perfect husband….or most likely will start acting out like he did with the 3 baby mamas that came before Carol Katrue.

I mean we have seen this happen to the likes of Mulamwa and DJ shiti….so yeah anything is possible. But all the best to the new parents in town.

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