Carol Muthoni roasts Mulamwah for being a deadbeat while ignoring the fact she cheated on him

The comedian Mulamwah’s baby mama, Carrol Muthoni Ngethe, is raising their daughter Keilah Khloe Wangui Muthoni by herself.
In an open discussion on her YouTube channel, Muthoni criticised the comedian for turning down their daughter Kayla.
Carrol Sonnie responded to those who said she couldn’t move on from the comedian during a Q&A segment.

“The day I decide to introduce my mpoa, hmm, my friend wacha hio ruracio mnaongea, mine will stop the world.”

A fan asked; “What is your relationship with your baby daddy. Does he support ama yeye ni deadbeat father?”

She responded saying, “Raising a kid alone? It’s not easy, na hii economy ya Zakayo?”

How are you finding co-parenting?

“Co-parenting with who?”

She was also questioned about the best and worst times she has had as a mother of her kid.

She talked candidly about changing from her prior spendthrift ways to learning how to save money for the future.

“Guys have you ever I dont know if it’s painful or what, but mothers imagine mtoto wako amekataliwa, alafu sura yake ni ya babake…sips drink, what do you do? You keep moving”

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