Carol Sonnie Denies Getting Back With Mulamwah After Suggestive Photoshoot, Demands Apology

Netizens remained perplexed by Mulamwah and ex-girlfriend Carol Sonnie’s recent photoshoot that apparently suggested they were in good terms. However, Sonnie has calibrated the issue via her Instagram. Turns out that Mulamwah showed up to her photoshoot impromptu and he wanted to apologize. Mulamwah went ahead to post a cute video of himself and Carol during the photoshoot. His caption read;

”Mama na baba K . Anything for you sweetie , @keilah_oyando ♥️”

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Lovers In Denial?

Upon seeing the video and the photos, netizens were convinced that all the drama was just a clout chasing stunt and that they’re still lovebirds. Carol has however, demystified that she & Mulamwah are not back together; maintaining that Mulamwah should apologize publicly in the same manner he shamed her publicly. Part of her message read;

”Let me set the record straight. Yesterday I was having a photoshoot with Kapedo. Few minutes into the shoot Mulamwah showed up, I wasn’t awarre he is coming… I asked him what he was doing and he said he is there to apologize…. To avoid embarrasment and unnecessary ulcertation I listened to him. I took a few photos/videos that nothing has been solved between me and Mulamwah. My irreducible minimum stand…”

1. Apologize to your daughter.

2. Apologize to your family

3. Aologiz to your fans for misleading and for once speak the truth.”

Mulamwah went ahead to admit that they’re no longer dating and that they’re just in talking terms because of their daughter. Do you believe the two are just lovers in denial and will probably get back together soon?

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