Carol Sonnie is proof it’s a man’s world

Remember when Carol Sonnie broke up with Mulamwah? It is a nasty piece of business that wound up dragging everyone involved and the young child baby Keilah through the mud.

Carol Sonnie finally ready to move on

She quickly rebounded and claims to have been dating someone else. Our timeline was inundated with posts of them hanging out together and she showed off some of her new man’s indicators of wealth such as his car.

All of a sudden, search post vanish from our timeline. Why do you think Carol Sonnie I stop posting that guy? It’s because they are no longer together. Simply a jump off someone with whom he’d get his rocks off and then keep pushing on with his life.

Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah are the perfect example of irresponsible parenting

Whether or not you and your feminist sisters care for the truth or want to leave and delusion, the fact still remains that by and large when it comes to relationships this is a man’s world.

Exes: Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie

Carol Sonnie is finding out that while women are the gatekeepers to sex; they get to choose who they sleep with, men are t immediatelyhe gatekeepers of relationships. So it doesn’t matter what your friends tell you about your value as a romantic partner, men ultimately decide what is valuable and what is not.

Mulamwah vs Carol Sonnie: When weak men meet city girls

Unfortunately, being a single mother degrade some of that value as no man wants to have to deal with another man’s baggage. And that is not some misogynistic statement, it is merely a statement of fact.

When a man comes into a situation with a single mother certain calculations happen in his head sometimes without his knowledge. These calculations as something we have evolved to do and Carol Sonnie is finding out just how honest what I’m saying is.

Carol Sonnie’s revelation that single motherhood is tough is hilarious!

Men coming wondering why the last man left you and the child, coming wondering why you choose such a bum as this is a reflection of the value you are Scribe to yourself. I come into such situations wondering why they have to step up and take care of someone else’s responsibilities.

Carol Sonnie baby bump

This isn’t what you want to hear but it is the truth. That is why a woman as attractive as Carol Sonnie is cannot find a man willing to get into a serious relationship with her while she’s still currently at her peak of physical attraction.

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