Caroline Mutoko: I made more money once I left radio

Caroline Mutoko for a long time was the brand synonymous with Kiss 100. Her’s was the voice of the morning show and we would all start our day with it before going on to our individual grinds.

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This was also a big deal for women who finally got proper representation in media as they not only had someone to look up to and aspire to become but in a way they had a mentor. And that is because she eventually directed her content towards uplifting women.

Caroline Mutoko eventually got to a point in her career where she felt she needed to get off radio and pursue other interests. That’s all her go into digital marketing and by her own admission,”it has treated me well”.

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In an interview with the Daily Nation she recently said,
“I always knew that there was a world beyond the mic, and I guess this is it. I am a great storyteller, and I am using that to make a living. I’m glad that I make a lot more money than I did when I was on the radio.

Caroline M

“It’s been nine years since I left radio. I left because I felt it was time, and I’ve never looked back. I know many wondered why I quit. Some encouraged me to hold on. That I had a great show on radio. But, a good dancer knows when to leave the stage. So far, the transition has been good and rewarding. I have taken time to reflect and put things into perspective. I like that I am still doing well without having to wake up at 4am.”

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Some of the brands Caroline Mutoko has worked with include Tecno, Safaricom, Dubai Tourism, L’Oreal, and Netflix.

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