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Caroline Mutoko reacts to Naomi Campbell’s appointment as Magical Kenya’s International Ambassador

January 14, 2021 at 09:45

Popular Kenyan media personality Caroline Mutoko is the latest public figure to weigh in on Naomi Campbell’s recent appointment as Magical Kenya’s International Ambassador.

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In a 9-minute video that was posted on her YouTube account, the former Kiss FM presenter bashed Kenyans who are opposed to the appointment, adding that they were giving their opinions on what they don’t understand.

Naomi Campbell

“This is about the sort of ignorance and bile that we display when we don’t think through the sort of stuff that we say,” she stated.

She reminded her viewers about a time back when South Africa appointed Sauti Sol as brand ambassadors yet no one took issue with it.

Mutoko went on to add that there was nothing wrong with Naomi Campbell’s recent appointment and that those who were opposed to the move were just ignorant.

Naomi Campbell

“I have never met her but she is a friend of Kenya. In 2008 right after we came out of our madness, she was among the first international celebrities who visited Kenya. Naomi comes to Kenya annually and she does not hide unlike most people. From the moment she lands, she tweets,” Mutoko revealed.

Mutoko lauded Magical Kenya while expressing hope that they can find more premium personalities who can showcase the beauty of our country.

Watch the video below.



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