Cartoon Comedian reacts to Boda Boda man asking for her hand in marriage

Cartoon Comedian was making headlines a few weeks ago after bloggers found her alleged boyfriend’s social media. The reason many felt the guy was dating cartoon comedian is because his page was filled with ‘couple goal photos’ of both him and the actress; but unfortunately, just like Jesus faced denial from Peter….so did the guy. But it’s never thaaaat serious… soko ngumu.

Comedian Cartoon with alleged boyfriend

Anyway with everyone learning about her single status, a man by the name of Ken Mbole has submitted his request to bag Cartoon comedian; and looking at the paragraph he wrote – man’s in love with the celebrity.

According to the guy, he has been admiring the lady since she was in nursery school…wait he said i have been your secret admirer since you were in nursery school and I’m here thinking mmmh maybe they went to the same elementary school right? Cause if not…..damn that’s creepy.

Cartoon Comedian

Dear sweetheart #Cartoon_comedian.

I want to take this Golden chance to express my feelings to you. Honestly I have been your secret admirer since you were in a nursery school. Last year I sold my bodaboda and two goats, I came to your work place with roses worth 5230 but my efforts were thwarted by the tight security bouncers.

I want to marry you

Okay wait….I don’t know if its just me – but boda guys from my area would never sell their motorcycles for a lady ata wacha, give you a lift…bure? Alafu pesa yamafuta atoe wapi??

Let’s move on. Anyway while still professing his love for the lady, Ken Mbole dropped the final bomb with;

I have resolved to reach you through media Since all my DMs expressing my love to you and seeking your hand in marriage have always gone blueticked on messenger.

Unfortunately for Ken Mbole, he didn’t get the response he might have hoped for, as cartoon wrote; Napendwa Mahali – but at least he finally got her attention, right?

Lakini madem wa mnatakanga nini?

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