Cashy Karimi a toxic mum? Leaves many feeling sorry for her son with Khaligraph Jones(Video)

Okay, I don’t even know where to begin because – wow – Cashy you just let yourself down with the latest video posted on your Instagram stories.

I mean, was it necessary? Did it make you feel like the better parent having dragged your son to see his – who by the way walked out on him? These are some of the questions fans are asking the lady following her latest post.

Baby Xolani breaks down as dad, Khaligraph Jones walks away

Judging from the comments left on the video, both mums and dads bashed the lady for creating a toxic environment around her son. Thanks to the short video clip, she literally made this possible through a video she shot during one of her many argument with Khali making both her son and fans witness the kind of relatinonahip she has with the other parent and its just TOXIC.

Time heals everything

Well – this comes after months of attacking Khaligraph Jones on social media – always ready to drag him for not supporting just son. Howeber with the video allow me to say that this may explain why Khaligraph Jones isn’t interested in helping his son.

Miss Cashy with son, Xolani

I mean how can they reason together – when she’s always set on recording for social media nobody? Hunny…. it’s like setting him up for failure and expecting him to come through. Or wait – could Cashy still be interested in him? No?

But what’s with the clingy bitter ex traits? Is she fighting him for the baby or for herself?

Don’t get me wrong – no one is judging Cashy that is if she’s still stuck on her ex man….but the problem comes in when she drags their son to witness their childish drama as seen on her post – all in the name of child support.

Okay…assuming maybe she’s not interested him as we believe…. what explains her intentions for recording the clip? To paint baby daddy like the devil she claims he is? But look…. even God himself couldnt agree with her actions this time around and those who once cared about her stories now feel she should get a job and stand on her own two feet.

Again…like Nana Owiti once said, a parent shouldn’t bring agony into their kids life. Cashy needs to first heal from the untimely breakup, focus on both herself and son and move on….then maybe coparenting will work. If not….she’ll keep running in and out of family court because without Khaligraph Jones child support….her son will never know peace.

Again…next time she wants to argue or disagree with baby daddy in public – DON’T CARRY THE BABY ALONG!

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