Cashy Karimi celebrates great milestone for Khaligraph Jones’ son

Cashy Karimi who was recently involved in a custody battle with her ex, Khaligraph Jones has come out to celebrate the latest milestone in their son, Xolani’s life and we are here for it!

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small celebration

Xolani went to school a bit later than the
rest this term.

Still, he carned top position in his mid-term
exams and cleared 500/500!

I’m so proud of our baby boy!
He has no idea how this feeling has healed so
many battle scars @§

I¢s just the stare, but as a parent who’s had a
difficult time… This has renewed my spirit
100% and no one can say it wasn’t worth it

Its taken a lot of us to get here,
I remain extremely grateful and I keep the
hope for his bright future v-


We are glad to see Cashy Karimi basking in this win because hitherto, she was fighting tooth and nail for the upkeep of their son whom she claims the rapper, Khaligraph had chosen to ignore.

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The pair were recently in court which determined the case in favour of Xolani’s mother. She had been very vocal and bashful in her messages about Khaligraph whom she said was always celebrating his children by his wife at the expense of Xolani.

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