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Cashy Karimi is everything wrong with baby mama culture

August 31, 2022 at 11:41
Cashy Karimi is everything wrong with baby mama culture

Cashy Karimi this morning reminded me why I loathe baby mama culture and I have to say that this is something that we need to address as a nation before we head in the direction of America’s Foundational Black American community. And the single mother epidemic is the reason American culture is on the decline!

Cashy Karimi VS Khaligraph Jones: Kenyan family law is flawed

“According to the survey, a Kenyan woman has a 59.5 percent chance of being a single mother by the age of 45 either through pre-marital birth or dissolution of a union. The research also established that about 30 percent of women in Kenya are giving birth before they are married.”

Miss Cashy with son, Xolani

And the reason this is an issue is that it is making the victim Olympics a whole thing. Am I referring to the fact that this rapper is dragging her child into the depths of the mud pit that is her fight with Xolani’s father, Omollo. For starters, we are not the right people for her to be battling her custody wars infront of. We do not care. And the fact that Cashy Karimi is blind to this is very telling. I don’t know what you understand from her actions but to me, she strikes me as a very narrow-minded and short-term thinking individual who wants to attempt to burn down the bridge simply because she hasn’t been allowed across it.

Khaligraph Jones and his toxic baby mama Cashy Karimi

Khaligraph Jones definitely has a part to play in all this. However, he is smart to remain silent as this battle rages on. That is masculine stoicism. But it is also wisdom. He is a man who is aware that today’s wars shape tomorrow’s reality. And there are some statements and actions that you can’t walk back on. So he is minding his tongue in public so that when the little boy is grown, he will not see much of anything outside of the fact that Omollo claimed his mother cheated on him.


But back to the single mother issue at hand: Cashy Karimi at the start of all this was on record boasting that her father would step up and be a father figure for the young boy she had borne. She stated that her son would lack for nothing and that he would be adequately provided for. So why the change of tune?

‘He Is Building A Mansion Yet He Has Neglected His Own Child’-Khaligraph Jones Baby Mama Cashy Karimi

She is now acting like if Khaligraph Jones were to meet an unfortunate untimely demise or were to fall off the face of the map, her son wouldn’t be able to get an education or she would be unable to provide for her child. Again I ask, why the sudden change in tune?

Cashy exposes baby daddy

By my estimation, she is trying to force her ex-boyfriend’s hand. She is trying to emotionally blackmail him publicly in the hopes that the shame she is piling on him will make him decide that he wants to play an active role in Cashy Karimi’s son’s life but this has failed spectacularly so why she keeps going at it is beyond me. At this point, it is even just embarrassing.

Cashy Karimi Needs To Stop Sharing Her Issues With Khaligraph Jones

The reason I want to tuck this in with single mother culture is that she should have waited to marry Khaligraph before she gave him the ultimate honour she can bestow on a man by carrying his child to term. Now she thinks she makes him look some type of way -and maybe she has achieved this in certain circles- but she only is hard at work making herself look dumb.

Khaligraph Jones baby mama, Cashy

This is the Brittany Renner story all over again. Women think they have finessed men and trapped them with a baby when all they have done is trap themselves in a vicious cycle that gives their offspring all sorts of disadvantages. That is what Cashy Karimi has managed to do here.

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Women have all sorts of options when it comes to birth control options so why she didn’t exercise any of them is beyond me. But now that we find ourselves here, she needs to realise that this BS is unbecoming especially after she disparaged Omollo. She needs to cut her losses and focus on raising her child on her own. That way, what is currently her burden will become her win!

Instead, we are being treated to he-said-she-said games that Cashy Karimi is playing alone. Just another statistic of unhappy single mothers.

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