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Cashy Karimi VS Khaligraph Jones: Kenyan family law is flawed

August 30, 2022 at 09:55
Cashy Karimi VS Khaligraph Jones: Kenyan family law is flawed

Cashy Karimi has taken to social media to reveal she is feeling under pressure to hand her son by Khaligraph Jones over to him for him to raise as one of his children with his wife, Georgina Amali.

Khaligraph Jones and his toxic baby mama Cashy Karimi

This has been quite the roller coaster affair as the former couple has been embroiled in a fight firstly over paternity and now over child support. Bt what most do not know is that rumour has it that Cashy now has a Canadian man who wants to move back with her to Canada to settle down and Khaligraph Jones is asking to be allowed to remain in Kenya with his son so he might raise him.

That is quite the complicated conundrum right? But when you think about it critically, it really shouldn’t be. You see, Cashy Karimi and her ex-beau have had an issue ever since they broke up. Things quickly devolved into a he-said, she-said situation with him accusing her of cheating on him.

‘He Is Building A Mansion Yet He Has Neglected His Own Child’-Khaligraph Jones Baby Mama Cashy Karimi

After that, Khaligraph Jones moved on with his life even though she was clearly heavily pregnant. Perhaps he didn’t think she was heavy with his child or maybe he didn’t care but who knows? What is clear is the fact that the former rapper was having none of it! After going on record to say her father would be an apt replacement for Omollo, she quickly did a double take and sued him for upkeep.

Cashy Karimi unveils boyfriend

Khaligraph resisted and even fought against having to submit for a paternity test but it did come out positive, proving once and for all that he is Xolani’s father. And after this small win, Cashy found herself in a bind as the father of her son made a rather logical request; he wanted to be allowed to raise their son.

‘I’ll Never Give Him The Child’-Khaligraph Jone’s Baby Mama Cashy Karimi Speaks

You see, child support isn’t money meant to help the mother sustain her lifestyle. It is meant to help raise the child which is an expensive endeavour in and of itself. But when a woman sues her baby daddy for upkeep, she is clearly admitting that she cannot afford to raise the child.

Miss Cashy with son, Xolani

However, in Khaligraph Jones’ case, he can. And what’s more, he is able to offer a more solid home for young Xolani as he has a wife and together they have 2 children. Using deductive logic, on the face of things, isn’t he the better option for a parent?

Cashy Karimi Needs To Stop Sharing Her Issues With Khaligraph Jones

And that is why Cashy Karimi took to social media to ask whether people thought it to be a good idea. Of course, there is the question of cultural differences given that in Khaligraph’s Luo traditions, he would automatically be given his son to raise.

Khaligraph Jones baby mama, Cashy

This is a case of getting what you want only to regret the outcome. Cashy Karimi as a mother has every right to ask the courts to help her raise her child as best as she can with support from the child’s father. And the courts have indeed helped her get to this point. On the flipside, Khasligraph Jones has every right as the father of the child to suggest he be given custody of the child given he has a more stable household and can take care of his son better.

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