Catherine Kamau opens up about an incident that almost cost her life

Catherine Kamau has seen it all. Apart from facing a hard after welcoming her son at a young age; the lady has had to struggle before getting where she is now.

After staying single for long, she finally met the love of her life and the two wedded last year in a glamorous wedding. Anyway, apart from that Catherine Kamau recently opened up to True Love Magazine where she talked about her life.

Catherine Kamau almost haves a head on collision

For the very first time, Catherine Kamau narrated about an incident that almost took her life. Catherine says sometime back she almost had an head on collison after overtaking a car that was moving a bit slow infront of her.

The actress says she underestimated the speed the other car was coming and had to drive into the bushes to avoid the worst from happening. She opened up saying;

When I was driving I thought I could overtake, but I ad grossly underestimated how fast the oncoming vehicle was going. I had to swerve into the bushes stopped and was really shaken it took me some time to get composure and hit the road again. I couldn’t call Phil because he knows I love speed and he would have asked me if I was speeding.

According to her, she could not call her husband, who was her boyfriend then. However, this taught her to be more keen while driving since sometimes things happen out of no where and cost us more than we thought.

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