Cebbie Nyasego defends sister, Akothee from man mocking singer for her failed marriages

Image: Akothee with younger sister, Cebbie

Just like weve been told mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu, i guess it also applies to family that is judging from Cebbie’s latest reaction to a fan trolling her sister, Akothee.

Okay by now you all know theres bad blood between the sisters – but this does not mean they will let the public insult or mock them without defending themselves or even each other. And unfortunately for one, Gordon Opiyo he had to learn that blood is thicker than water after he decided to shame Akothee for having married so many men – and still remains single.

The fella through his Facebook page shared a collage photo of Akothee with her exes to which he captioned;

Legend Akothee introduces “Omondi” the 7th man she is marrying. We wish her well in her 7th marriage and say, ‘who are we to judge?

Family over fans

A caption that did not sit so well with Cebbie – who innreturn decided to hit back at Gordon with facts about her big sister. Responding to the guy following his judgemental statement on Akothee’s body count…Cebbie hit back with;

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

I don’t know about the 7th man you are talking about.But, even going by the same pictures you’ve used, I only see her Ex Husband of the 3 girls, the father to the 2 Boyz ,Nelly and the current one. The rest are video vixen which by common sense alone can’t be included.

And in case you thought that the sisters dont support each other, Cebbie made it known that;

Lastly, Akothee, unlike some other women, decided to take charge of her life and refused to lose hope of what she believes in. Not everyone can but doesn’t mean they won’t given a chance.

Mmmh maybe Akothee should rethink her decision on not attending Cebbie’s wedding…clearly theres true sibling love between the two.

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