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Celebrities Married To Older Women

December 16, 2022 at 11:59
Celebrities Married To Older Women

Stereotypically, a man should only marry a younger woman, but that has tremendously changed over the years. Men have switched their preference to marrying even older women.

Besides the love and affection they have for them, most men argue that older women more mature than younger ones. For this reason, they prefer them to the ‘inexperienced’ younger ladies.

Bahati praises Diana for being an amazing mother to his four kids - The Standard Entertainment

The singer is married to Diana Marua, a woman older than him, though not as old as earlier thought. Diana is only two years older than the singer.

Speaking to a local publication, Bahati revealed that he had always wanted to marry an older woman who would not stress him out.

“I’m proud of my wife’s age, I always wanted an older woman, I matured up at the age of 12, growing up in the ghetto and I knew I’d want a woman who wouldn’t stress me out”

Guardian Angel

Mapenzi moto moto! Kenyan male celebrities married to older women

The Kenyan singer is married to one Esther Musila who is aged 52 while the singer is in his early 30’s. Despite their age difference, the two are lovebirds and wedded in a colorful wedding recently. Esther Musila has two grown-up kids a boy and a girl.

John Allan Namu

Kenya's Celebrities Married To Older Women - Kelebrity

The talented investigative journalist is married to Sheena Makena who is three years older than he is. The two met as the Standard media group when John was an intern. The two began as professional colleagues, and with time, the two began being closer acquainted and subsequently came to be a true partnership.


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