Celebs who were taken back by their wives & girlfriends after publicly cheating

Relationships are hard but nothing beats what married people face in their marriages. There are those that get mistreated, abused and unfortunately those who cheat – an area our local married celebrities have perfected in.

Okay, for real – apart from Nameless and Wahu who have maintained ‘a healthy marriage’ for years tell me of another married couple who have done the same? Yes maybe you can name one or two but i have a list of about 6 male celebrities who have publicly embarrassed their wives after getting caught with mpango wa kando.

Well with so many fish in the sea, these fishermen kept fishing even after scoring whales….and by Whales i mean hardworking women with potential to bag any man of their choice….but kwa hii Nairobi – afadhali you stick to the devil you know than an angel youve just met or have been seeing around.

Husbands taken back after cheating scandals


DJ Mo with family

Despite being a man of God, one who many admired for the love he shared with his wife preacher Size 8, the devil still got to DJ Mo who was said to have several affairs in Nairobi not forgetting the kenyan girl with a big booty in Bahrain he had been having online phone entertainemnt with. And although he was caught red handed with photos included….Size 8 took her husband back and blamed his cheating ways on the devil.


Diana Marua with the boys club

If you can remember the boys club scandal then i guess you know that Jalango was linked to several young women he had allaegedly been seeing on the side despite having a wife. However after this, Jalango for some reason became more family oriented and even started parading his wife online – a stunt i believe convinced her to take him back; and today guess what – she’s a happy wife to the Langata MP.

Terence and wife

Anita bashed for sexual affair with family man, Terence Creative

For Terence, I want to believe he likes them young because the last time he was exposed for cheating on his wife – he was linked to a 19 year old (then) Soina who admitted to have had an affair with the comedian. She also revealed how unhappy Terence was in his marriage, but after the scandal, the comedian reunited with his wife Milly Chebby; and from the online pages – i guess they worked their issues out and continue to live as man and wife.

Kabi wa Jesus

From what we have heard is that Kabi Wa Jesus cheated on his current wife Milly wa Jesus back when she was still a girlfriend. As the story goes is that he had a baby with one of cousins and even took Milly to see the child – not knowing she was about to meet her man’s first child since he had mentioned about his (Kabi’s) cousin having welcomed a baby.

And even after learning the truth….she still chose him.

Mr Seed

Happy times between Mr Seed and wife, Nimo before side chick

As i write the list, i am realizing the christian couples are the ones stepping out of their marriages compared to the so called sinners. Ona, gospel singer Mr Seed who had an affair with a somali babe and even had a son with him. The scandal even put Nimo Gachuiri in the picture as she allegedly met the Somali babe her man was seeing at the time and even after learning the truth…..hakubanduka! Still happily married.

King Kaka

The King Kaka family photo

Weuh. This one is complicated for sure since we know about Sage Chemutai….but other rumors claim he had his youngest son with his nanny – a topic I personally consider sensitive but looking at his two boys wacha we say maybe iko kitu but either way wifey Nana Owiti still stands by her man’s side.

DK Kwenye Beat

Remember back in 2019 when Hope Kid was exposed for allagedly forcing himself on a certain lady? Well, DK kwenye Beat was among those listed by the young girl who even accused DK Kwenye Beat of infecting her with HPV STI. But like the rest, the story died and DK Kwenye Beat stuck to his wife since then.

Eric Wainaina and wife

Eric Wainaina

A few years back, Veteran Kenyan singer and songwriter Eric Wainaina admitted to cheating on his wife Sheba Hirst with Valarie Kimani. Unlike most men who would deny until proven guilty, Eric Wainaina took the blame, asked his wife for forgiveness and last he spoke of the affair, Eric said;

I learnt a lot of lessons about faithfulness. We live in a society where men have been raised to imagine that it is ok to have multiple partners and that your friends will keep your secrets for you.

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