Cera Imani talks about her separation from Kairo and the background behind the nightclub video

High-profile car dealer Khalif Kairo and his partner Cera Imani have recently been under the spotlight on the social media platform X. This attention on the couple escalated after Kairo introduced Cera to the public, leading to extensive scrutiny of her past and sparking rumors about her frequent visits to a specific club prior to her relationship with Kairo.

A few weeks after their relationship became public, Kairo announced that Cera Imani had ended things with him, triggering further speculation about the authenticity of their relationship and whether it was merely for attention. This revelation has kept the couple in the headlines, with fans and followers speculating about the reasons behind their split.


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In an interview with TNX Africa on May 16, Cera confirmed the breakup, expressing her acceptance of the situation. She shared, “I prayed for a partner and Kairo came into my life. We dated, and that was that. I always believe you never know what life has in store for you, so just pray and accept it as it is.” Cera’s calm demeanor in the face of the situation reflects her philosophy of embracing life’s ups and downs.

Cera has a straightforward and optimistic approach to life. She remarked, “For me, I take life easy. I saw the post [about our breakup], and I was like okay, that’s fine. Life goes on.” Described by her friends as introverted and laid-back, Cera focuses on personal growth rather than getting caught up in controversies.

Despite the breakup, Cera emphasized that she and Kairo remain on good terms. She values the positive experiences from their time together and is now focusing on herself. “Everything is fine. Every time I’m with someone, I take the good from it. For now, I’m taking it easy. I need to grow. Life doesn’t come with a manual or rules. I’ll do my thing, and if something comes along the way, then I’ll see what it brings,” she said confidently.


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Cera also addressed a past video that surfaced, showing her dancing in a club, which received negative attention. She clarified that the video was recorded without her consent by someone outside her friend group. “It was just a random person recording the video, and we didn’t know them. It was just a malicious act,” Cera explained. She questioned the timing of the video’s release, suggesting it was intended to stir up drama following the publicization of her relationship.

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