Chameleone’s small brother Weseal accused of beating baby mama like a drum leaving her looking unrecognizable (Photos)

Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim is very disappointed by her husband small brother Weasel who recently beat up his baby mama, Sandra Teta leaving her looking unrecognizable. FYI – the lady was once Miss Rwanda.

From what we’ve learnt so far is that this is not the first time Weasel is thumbing down his baby mama but so far this is the worst beating he has given her. According to reports, its actually hard to protect Sandra Teta since she feels her man deserves no other woman but her.

So far those close have advised the lady to leave but she prefers to stay. Maybe for the child they have together – but again why raise a child in such an environment? Anyway now that she understands that things can get out of hand in seconds…the lady allegedly leaked a her photo showing bruises from recent fight – forcing Chameleone’s wife to react.

I have no words – Chameleone’s wife reacts to brother in law smacking girlfriend

For those those who have seen the photo can tell you that yea – Sandra needs to leave her man while still alive; because if not – she’ll end up in hospital or worse in a body bag.

Reacting to the photo, Chameleone’s wife expressed her disappointment in the singer saying;

These are pictures of Sandra in December. Sandra needs all of our help, in any form. She needs all of us to raise our voices to help her with the first and most important thing her confidence. Dear ladies, there is no better time to empower a fellow woman than now All you self-proclaimed feminists the time is now. Let’s Speak up, let Sandra’s voice be heard through ours. Sandra’s children deserve better.

In 2020 Daniella Atim Daniella Atim called out the same brother in law (Weasel) back in 2020 for beating up Tallia Kassim – another baby mama; and having seen how badly she’d been hit – Daniella Atim publicly advised her to walk out, just like she did with Sandra Teta.

Tbt: Chameleone’s wife advises Weasel’s baby mama to leave

However Sandra’s case seems complicated since she claims to have been attacked by thugs to protect her man. Sigh…women!

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