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Chantal Grazioli’s boyfriend arrested days after he beat her up like a stray dog

June 20, 2022 at 18:06
Chantal Grazioli’s boyfriend arrested days after he beat her up like a stray dog

Over the weekend, Eric Omondi exposed one Nicola Tradi for beating up Chantal Grazioli – his girlfriend who also happens to be Eric’s ex. The news of course came as a big surprise – like honestly – who ever thought a man would beat up a woman that way?

Okay it has happened to other women before – but who still beats up women in this era?

Anyway according to Chantal, she refused to let the guy inside her house after he arrived drunk…pretty sure it’s not the first time he has done this or even hit her which explains why she may have been reluctant to let him in.

Unfortunately the alcohol in him – then led to the unfortunate incident – where he beat up the lass forcing neighbors and Eric Omondi to intervene.

Nicola arrested

Right after the story went viral, Nicola on the other hand issued a statement claiming he had been framed by his ex lover.

But then again – would she really put herself through such horror just to paint him as a violent man? I mean there are other ways right? So, Come Nicola, you can do better….plus mtu amezoea kufanya kitu ni ngumu kuwacha, sio?

Where are his baby mamas to help us understand him better?

Courtesy: SPM buzz

His main explanation was that he is a father of two girls and had been raised by a woman who taught him….but at this point it all sounds like a narcissist move, not that I am taking sides but that’s how it sounds.

Anyway despite crying foul, looks like the fella has finally been picked by the police as the they continue with their investigations. So far we understand that he is at Thindigwa Police Post , Kiambu County where he will be spending his first night. Maybe…



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