Chantelle finally speaks up on allegations that she was cheating on J Blessing and in the process reveals more complicated details about their relationship

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A couple of weeks back a video emerged online of Chantelle in the club kissing and getting cozy with another man other than her husband video director J Blessing.

This caused uproar among the public with many people referring to her as a cheat with the claims being fueled even further by the two maintaining their silence on the issue.

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Now Chantelle has let out the cat of the bag and revealed more intricate details about her relationship. First of all she didn’t cheat on the lad because she was never married to him in the first place. Now that is confusing considering the two have been living together for the last 5 years and actually had a child together.

What do you call that with Kenya’s new dispensation, isn’t that marriage?

She also revealed they were separated and not living together anymore so she had every right to whatever she felt like doing; my words though no hers.

It is still not clear why the two went their separate ways but she once cited J Blessings studies abroad was really weighing down the relationship considering they were totally different people. The death of their son in 2015 also didn’t help in bringing them together as well.

However she promised to full disclosure soon so we’re keeping our eyes open to make sure we fill you in on the 411.

Check out her instagram post:


Na magazeti ya nyumba kwa kukuza habari si unajuangaa lol @jibrilblessing #diamond# utanipenda

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