Charlene Ruto Is Overdoing Her Aid

For those who have been following up on President William Ruto’s daughter whereabouts, you’ll notice how she has been up & down trying to help netizens in one way or the other. She has been sharing donations with the less fortunate and those in starvation.
Charlene has been showing empathy while sharing what she can. But her engagements have led to speculation amongst Kenyans. Why?

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Charlene Overworking

Well, Charlene is the first daughter to ever publicly take on an active role and keep Kenyans up to date. Her active role is seen as a method of the President enriching his family members.

Additionally, a section of netizens believe it’s a scheme made up to embezzle government funds, pretending to be moving around to help a few people to impress netizens.

Ruto's daughter Charlene tours Kisumu for tree planting initiative


It’s probably the taxpayers money helping around with this missions; most of which are overdone. For her effort, Netizens have since compared her to former US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump; who wasn’t officially assigned a role in government but was involved in it’s affairs.

Charlene has since been a trend on social media for her role(s). Do you think all the work by Charlene is necessary?



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