Chebet Rono has no real friends

When I first started writing this article, I had planned to talk about Rono Chebet’s sense of style now that she has lost weight after months of serious workout and dieting.

Well, judging from how far she has come – truth is Rono deserves to flaunt her curves but at the same time understand her shape and get the proper outfits for it.

I say this following some new photos that – okay – left her looking not so eye catchy – maybe because the dress looked small for her body or the many stretch marks (not judging) all over the place.

For some reason – she shared them online leaving and weuh…..this left me wondering does Rono really have real friends who can tell her….well you look good, but you can do better.

Ex manager calling her crazy

However before I could even write this article – a video showing a new interview from her ex manager, Naturality Michelle surfaced and judging from what she said (following Rono’s Friday’s outburst) is that either Rono is clout chasing or is not mentally struggling.

The ex PA went on to reveal that Rono has always wanted to venture into music…..and thanks to the recent outburst – she managed to get the attention she wanted hence Rono’s new diss track.

Okay. So whether a diss track or clout chasing – whats more surpring is that someone who was so close to Rono can now described her as mentally unstable person….which leaves me wondering….was the fall out so bad or is it that Rono doesn’t know how to select her friends?

I mean, we all have friends we no longer speak to – but however bad the fall out is, we don’t describe them as ‘crazy people….bla bla bla right? Also even after the outburst, was there anyone from her circle defending her? Well no. And that sums it up – Rono has no real friends to help mentor her or correct her when wrong.


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