Chebet Ronoh reveals why she wanted to kill herself after landing radio gig (Video)

Chebet Ronoh rose to fame in 2018/2019 when she decided to ditch her undergraduate studies for a lucrative career on radio after she turned out a social media sensation.

Labeling herself the King of content creation, at a time social media was yet to pick but by the time it did, so had she.

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Her career bloomed, the industry promising but never expected any of it to blow off like that, it got the better of her.

Things began to look good for me, so I left Brookhouse for radio and I was so excited. Things were happening so fast, everyone knew me and I didnt actually mentally prepare myself.


The Fall

Soon as she landed her radio gig, life started going south for her, she lost friends, she became uneasy around people, she had to drink herself to sanity and composure, she just lost it all!

I began to panic whenever anyone would say hi. It was so bad I would literally breathe so heavily when I go out. So I would drink a lot to be comfortable around people. I lost some of my realest friends, a lot of people who had supported me got tired of being there and that hit me so bad!

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Ronoh soon after quit radio because every time she did something she was told she should do it the other way, she grew tired of it all and decided to change the trend.

I felt really owned by a lot of people, I would cry every freaking day, I lost myself completely. A lot of people talked sh*t bro. Like youre so ratchet, youre so dirty. I had enough!

Radio presenter, Rono

She had turned suicidal, she was ready to give up her life just so that the world would be in peace until she realized that was never the road to take.

I was so fucking ready to kill myself because no one would really care.

That moment, she learnt to accept and love herself as she is, take it or leave it!

I decided to forgive myself for all the mistakes I made and began to do the things that I love and Im in such a different space right now.  My journey in the industry has not been an easy thing, I´m learning to grow thick skin.


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