Chebet Ronoh Shares Her Experience With A ‘Mubaba’ (Video)

Content creator Chebet Ronoh has shared her experience with a sugar daddy. Taking to her social media, the damsel narrated how uncomfortable she was during her intimate time with the ‘mubaba’.

She claims ladies with sugar daddies aren’t faint-hearted as they have to put up with them.

“You guys consistently sleep on the girls having sugar daddies and let me tell you, why, it’s not easy, it’s not.”

She admitted to having acquired a taste for older men

“It’s not easy to give sugar to a corpse. Now let me tell you why I tried this but I could not kiss him guys. I tried.

Chebet continued to narrate how embarrassed she was being seen in the public with the old guy.

”I did everything and the fact that people stared at me dining with an old man I could not recover.

Everyone just looked me dead in the eye and like, ‘This is where you’re at really? This is who you are?'” Shaking her head and holding he mouth in embarrassment she added, “I’m just like Oh my God.”

Chebet continued to swear that she would not go that route ever again. Watch Ronoh’s video here

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