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Check out 10 nude photos Bridget Achieng shared online for fame

June 18, 2021 at 12:12
Check out 10 nude photos Bridget Achieng shared online for fame

Socialite Bridget Achieng feels offended to have a naked video making rounds on social media; but I bet she feels worse about her natural unedited body being seen by fans. So far she has confirmed this by claiming the video was doctored; which only leaves her looking like a circus clown.

Well, being one who is known to share semi-naked photos online; we obliviously had to question why she was quick to dismiss the new footage showing her ‘look alike’ dressing up.

Bridget leaks own nude

But after watching the video, I guess Bridget’s biggest fear is letting her ‘customers’ see her imperfections; after years of her photographer making her look a real life curvy Barbie!

Bridget Achieng’s perfect nudes

Well, since her body doubles up as her business too; the socialite had put out several semi nude photos showing off perfect curves and unlike now – back then she never complained!

However looking at her new video, we sort of understand why she decided to go on an online rant; hiw will her potential customers unsee the unedited footage?

Bridget leaks own nude

Socialite Achieng bikini body

Ms Bridget Achieng


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