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Chiki Kuruka addresses rumors linking her to Makena Njeri

November 11, 2021 at 10:54
Chiki Kuruka addresses rumors linking her to Makena Njeri

For the past few days Makena Njeri has been trending, thanks to Michelle Ntalami who exposed for being a serial cheater. Well, we can’t really say Michelle Ntalami’s post had any malicious intentions (Ooliskia wapi) since her aim was just to set the record straight for her online in-laws. No?

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Anyway as seen on 3 page detailed posts, Michelle Ntalami explained how she got betrayed by 2 close friends who were involved with Makena behind her back.

One of the ladies was indentified as a gynecologist while the other one remained anonymous for a while; before fans started pointing fingers at Chiki Kuruka.

Chiki with Makena Njeri

According to most fans, it seemed obvious that woman B is Chiki Kuruka that is judging from her closeness with Makena Njeri. Also, having been identified as a Queer by Chimano, this somehow made sense. Right?

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Chiki speaks

However having seen how fans are dragging her name in the scandal yet she’s married to Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime, Ms Chiki had no option but to share her side of the story.

This is after a fan went on to ask Chiki,

Why did you break up Michelle and Makena?

To which Chiki Kuruka responded by saying;

I would normally ignore this. But I guess I have time right now. Let’s do this let’s tag the people you’re chatting about because as far as I’m aware @Michelle. Ntalami has never mentioned my name in her messages. I have never been with either a non binary person nor a woman. Instead I have ALWAYS given my support to a community that I greatly love and respect.

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But these implore are starting to irritate me, not because my Inlaw ya have to respond to this BS, but because humans like YOU put allies off speaking up. I have always had nothing but respect for Michelle actually, but the fact that I have nothing to do with me, needs to end.



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