Chipukeezy: I use condom with my fiancée during her unsafe days, she wanted to get family planning injection but I refused

Chipukeezy has opened up about his sex life like never before. The popular comedian candidly talked about how he learned about sex from an early age.

The comedian up to inspire the Kenyan youth in the “Form Ni Gani” campaign. “Form Ni Gani” is an initiative by Boniface Mwangi which aims at protecting young people’s futures by making them plan their sex life and/or when to have children.

Chipu reveals that he learnt about sex when he was in class three. He narrates how he used to peep to watch neighbors and their househelp having sex.

“Our next-door neighbours sent us to buy sweets and bread as a bribe for us to leave the area, so they could get naked and “climb” each other. I was in Class 3, and l became a peeping Tom. Later on, our house girl would invite her boyfriend to our house and they would have sex. I would be in the same house but they thought l couldn’t see them.

“When l was around 11, a classmate bought a porn magazine which we read together. We were caught and punished. I always wondered why they punished us. At night, whenever we watched the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, any kissing scenes elicited two responses; either we would be chased away, or the TV set would be switched off,” said Chipukeezy.

No family planning injections
Chipukeezy and his fiancee
Chipukeezy and his fiancee

The 28-year-old comedian also revealed that he discouraged his fiancee from using family planning injections as a form of family planning. Chipukeezy says that he relies on condom for family planning.

“Family planning confuses me. My fiancé wanted to get a family planning injection, but I refused. I felt that since she hadn’t had a baby, the injection might affect her adversely. I use a condom with my fiancée during her “unsafe” days. We count her days, then we have two days of glory, when she is safe, then we’re back to using condoms after that,” Chipukeezy revealed.


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