Chipukeezy Is Right That There’s No Romance Without Finance

Comedian Chipukeezy has shared some shrewd sentiments on relationship matters The jester, who is currently not dating; has been making money moves after his break-up with Miss Kibanja.

The two (Chipukeezy and Kibanja) had maintained a low-profile to their relationship; but rumours started piling up on their break-up after they unfollowed each other on social media.

While they were dating, for one thing, Kibanja always looks like the life of the party; the typical Instagram girl whereas Chipukeezy gives out the vibe that he is looking for a lady whom he can settle with.

Love Is Sweeter With Money

Despite their break-up, ¬†Chipukeezy maintains that the two have no bad blood between them and are still friends. The jester claims he was head over heels for Kibanja and loved her genuinely. He divulged the same in a recent interview, admonishing peeps to look for money when they’re ready to love.

”True love ita exist kama ukona pesa, he said. But I believe in true love.”

In the current era of social media show off, everyone wants to live a lavish lifestyle & flaunt with it on Instagram. That’s why most women would opt to go for richer men. Chipukeezy’s sentiment is definitely shrewd. No romance without finance.


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