Chipukeezy reveals he’ll opt for polygamy

Chipukeezy has spoken public about his desire to engage in polygamy. The comedian reportedly said, “I can’t marry one woman for a fact,” when asked if one woman was enough for him.

He wants to carry on the polygamous family tradition because he comes from one. He revealed this to SPM Buzz, claiming to currently maintain his love life a secret.

“Private life is private life. I was a young boy when I was doing those public shenanigans. I look at it differently now. For me, it’s not a big deal. Kila nyumba iko na chumvi. It’s not a big deal even among friends. Kukuwa na dame ni business yangu.

Mimi niko na mabibi wengi. Ni ukweli. I come from a family of seven wives. So I’m trying to follow in mzee’s legacy. In the whole family, it is me who has taken the challenge, tusidisappoint mzee.

Si kitu ushinde ukitangza. I support polygamy. Me I can’t marry one woman. For a fact.

It’s that whole soda thing. Coca-Cola ni tamu kama fanta, but sometimes you…

I think as long as you can be able to take care of your people, you can always have your people, so I believe if I can be able to have a family and want to extend another one I want many kids, I want my legacy to stand tall.

Nikaskia ni kipindi Kwasababu munadisagree juu ya kuextend. So then ni opens so I extend.

I think Im too African niko na ukijiji mob. If I want to have another wife, I will be very open from the word go, I don’t want one wife. So that when I have another wife, there is no complaining, sitakaa naona huyu mwingine anaenda Instagram anapost, sijui kulienda aje . Sitaki kujidanganya,”


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