Chipukeezy reveals the main reason he built a school back in his village

Image: Chipukeezy blames weight gain on alcohol

Comedian and a member of the board of directors at NACADA has revealed that he built a school back in his village a few years ago to help children who cannot afford school fees.

This is the very first time the fella has revealed this making many admire his efforts in trying to make the society a better place. In. A post shared on his Instagram page Chipukeezy wrote saying;

I have built a school in my village to encourage my people to take their kids to school kwa sababu masomo ni muhimu sana wale hawana school fees wanaleta watoto kwa hiyo shule yetu na tunawasomesha pia wewe unaweza try and do something to your community sio lazima ukue mdosi ama ukue unafanya ndio upewe kitu fanya tu my dream is to build an educational center hapa kwa hio kijiji tuweke library mpaka university


Chipukeezy quits K24

This comes shortly after launching his own TV station after walking out on K24 where he was airing his Chipukeezy show.

From a statement shared on his Instagram page the fella went on to say that he wouldn’t work with the TV station after they fired his cohost Kartelo.

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