“Chungeni sana ama niwafagilie nyinyi wote!” Khaligraph Jones warns Wasafi Records Mbosso and Lava Lava

Image: Khaligraph Jones

It seems Mbosso and Lava Lava do not understand how the OG works! I mean hasn’t he silenced big Nigerian artists to have these Bongo artists making fun of him on Instagram?

Well there might be new beef brewing between the OG and a few members of the WCB family. It all started after Khaligraph recently complained about Diamond Platnumz photographer not sending him his photos.

For some reason Lukamba expected the OG to chase after him but of course we all know Khali doesn’t roll that way! He however mentioned this as a by the way during an interview which Lukamba finally come across.

Lukamba responds

In a sarcastic post shared on his Instagram page, photographer Lukamba went on to make fun of the OG; promising him a full album of photos – but little did he know he was playing with fire. Lukamba wrote;

To back him up singer Lava Lava went on to drop his comment laughing off at Lukamba’s funny statement; while Mbosso on the other hand went on to leave his comment saying;


Dah Sijafikia huku ..Changamoto za card zinataka kunigombanisha na Kaka yangu OG @khaligraph_jones Bro siku Tukikutana yaani nakupiga album mzima na kupa hapo hapo ???? #respecttheogs

Khaligraph Claps back

Seeing how ‘disrespectful’ the WCB guys were acting, Khaligraph Jones decided to respond in a well detailed comment; that has left fans asking both Mbosso and Lava Lava no to engage with the ‘master ‘of trolls.

Khali wrote saying;

@Lavalava @Mbosso naona mumechekeshwa sana. Lakini huyu kijana wenyu nyinyi wote murudi ushago. Chungeni sana ama niwafagilie nyinyi wote kama Mr Nice. You will respect the OG

Lava Lava on the other hand also issued his apology; but of course Mbosso was not ready to bow down – especially since he is a hot shot in Eastern Africa!

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