Churchill finally speaks after Zeddy’s angry rants on social media

Churchill Show was known to be a platform that gives young creatives the opportunity to grow their talent, but for the last couple of months, it has been painted in a totally different light.

Comedienne, Zainabu Zeddy recently came out to accuse the national comedy platform for sending creatives into depression and eventually death but this did not sit well with it’s founder, Daniel Ndambuki alias Mwalimu Churchill.

The respected Godfather of comedy has finally come out public to respond to these allegations leveled against him and his platform.

Celebrated comedian, Daniel Ndambuki

Churchill Responds

During his show’s episode on Sunday, July 19, Churchill admitted he had come across the allegations, having taken him a solid 20 years of sweat and blood to raise himself to where he currently is and nothing will bring him down.

Watu wanaongea sana hadi unashindwa where do you start. Everything is a journey and it has taken me almost 20 years now to do these journey series and we are not stopping.

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Daniel Ndambuki better known as, Churchill

Fortunately, he was more than glad the era of digital media was with us, therefore lifting restrictions off comedians regards time and space to grow their skills.

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He hoped majority would take advantage of online platforms to grow their own brands without having to queue at Churchill Show for auditions and all that.

10 years ago you had to audition to become great but right now you can use social media. Now we are not in that era where unasema “mtu amekukazia kukua kwa stage”, oooh “sasa huyu hanitaki”.

Churchill Show hosts, Daniel Ndambuki and MC Jessy

Closing off:

We did time for you guys. Now you are a brand, you even don’t need to be a brand, you just need to have great content to change that social media to media. You don’t have to be on TV, you don’t have to be on radio.

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