Churchill: It’s time we revisit the question of Kenyan comedians being entitled

Image: Daniel Ndambuki better known as, Churchill

We are back at that point at which the comedic scene has been hit with a tragic death and everyone seems to be mentioning Churchill’s name. The reason for this is because it seems like Kenyan comedians hold him solely responsible for their economic frustrations. I would like to encourage you to hearken you to a previous argument I put forth a few months ago when we were once again dealing with the same debate.

Othuol Othuol’s burial plans underway with expenses running upwards of KSh1M

“Kenyan comedians need to stop placing the blame for everything on Churchill and his company. Why do I say this you ask? Well, because whenever anything terrible happens to a comic, the choral song of choice is that they are all because of Churchill or his company Laugh Industry in some capacity.

Churchill Show's Othuol in a past performance
Comedian Othuol Othuol

Kenyan comedians aren’t a mad lot so ofcourse there is some truth to the fact that some of the people or some of the situations that are toxic in the Kenyan comedians’ space are from Churchill’s company but that is because it is the biggest company in that space and field.

Churchill Show comedian suddenly disappears

That said and noted, it is almost like Kenyan comedians are not willing to assess their situations and taking responsibility for them. This is actually indicative of a “woah is me” and “poor me” mentality. And the underlying problem here is one of both lack of vision and lack of an appetite for risk and success.

Othuol and Churchill
Comedian Othuol with his boss Churchill

Kenyan comedians need to remember that Churchill wasn’t handed the perch he currently enjoys, he had to work for everything he got. When he started out, it wasn’t like he got anyone’s name or some uncle that introduced him to the right people. He started off by doing bit comedy on the Redykulas show.”

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The reason why these words are coming back is because of the unfortunate death of Othuol Othuol who was sick for an extended period of time as he fought for his life but he ultimately succumbed and once more, we see comedians such as Rapcha The Sayantist take subliminal shots at Churchill. For some reason, the assumption is that the popular comedian did nothing to help yet another comedian tied to his Laugh Industry stable yet Othuol himself gave his own account of things and mentioned the man whose platform he was using to popularise himself was the only one of two individuals helping him out financially.

Rapcha The Sayantist speaks on Churchill and Othuol
Rapcha The Sayantist speaks on Churchill and Othuol

And at the heart of the matter is an entitlement culture that comedians seem to have adopted. Rather than think of ways to safeguard their futures by say, coming up with contribution schemes that can be tapped into for health-related issues. Alternatively, rather than using Churchill’s platforms, these guys can organize comedy specials like Vivianne’s husband Sam West does. The only limit to this happening is their willingness to actually take the initiative to make it happen.

Churchill should be responsible for the well-being of his comedians

At the end of the day, this “Woe is us” song is now played out.

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