Churchill should be responsible for the well-being of his comedians

Image: Churchill

Over the past few months, many comedians who the public came to know after they featured on Churchill Show, have come out to reveal that they are depressed.

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They have cited different issues which include; poor pay, frustration at work, being denied a chance to go on stage, being insulted by the creative director etc.


All this time Daniel Ndambuki, better known Churchill, has been very quiet. He is going about his life like nothing is happening and I have issues with that.

You see, most of these comedians see Churchill as their mentor. That aside, he’s also their employer which means that he should be responsible for their well-being.

The fact that he is yet to say a word has me very worried because it now seems like what is happening, even the deaths, don’t bother him.

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Interestingly, when Kasee and Njenga Mswahili died under unclear circumstances he was among the first people to send a condolence message on social media.


You would think he would even honor them by attending their funerals to pay his last respects but he didn’t.

The message that he is subtly sending to upcoming comedians is that he will just give them a platform but when things hit the fan, he will be nowhere to be seen.

One day when all is said and done we’ll ask the question that people are too afraid to ask and that is “Where was Churchill when all this was happening?”


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