Churchill Show Comedian ‘Mtumishi’ Explains Why He Hates His Mum

Churchill Show comedian Gilbert Baraza, better known as Mtumishi, has opened up about his life struggles, including his strained relationship with his own mother.

The comedian shared how his mother did not support him when he chose comedy as his career. He said that she was upset when she saw him on the Churchill Show and told him to leave her house.

“My mother told me when she saw me on Churchill show that I should go away and that she should never see me there,” Mtumishi said.

He added that his mother did not believe he had appeared on TV because she did not support him. “She did not support me at any way. She used to say I was making noise in the house. She was told by neighbors that I would end up a mad person. They did not understand that I was talented. My mother disowned me and I don’t regret not visiting her.”

Mtumishi has not spoken to his mother in two years.

Despite his struggles, Mtumishi has found success as a comedian. He is a regular performer on the Churchill Show and has appeared on other popular Kenyan comedy shows.

Mtumishi’s story is an inspiration to others who are facing their own challenges in life. He shows that it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve your dreams.

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