Churchill Show’s David the Student accused of eyeing one of his workmate’s woman and no…it doesn’t look pretty

Image: David the Student

I have been wondering where David the Stupid disappeared to only to bump into a story putting him on the spot for apparently ‘eyeing’ J Blessings wife, Chantelle…the Toklezea hit maker from back in the day.

Anyway, so rumor had it that David the Student was interested in the lady something that might have pissed off J Blessing who happens to be responsible for the production of Churchill Show. This rumor was however sparked by a reliable source as revealed by SDE.

David the Student
David the Student

The story goes on to reveal that J Blessing and David the student have bad blood between, something that left Churchill asking them to sort out their differences away from work. Speaking to Pulse, David the student had this to say,

“Chantelle is just a good friend of mine. Nothing like that has ever happened between us, We took our differences to Churchill (Dan Ndambuki) himself who told us to go and solve our personal differences elsewhere away from the show. The bottom line is that Chantelle and I have nothing to do with anything beyond friendship.”


When Chantelle was reached out for a comment, the lass denied the rumor saying she was never involved with the comedian…

Are you kidding me? There has never ever been anything between him and I. I am telling you, never!

J Blessing on the other hand did not admit nor deny the story as he said…

Just evaluate whether this story is true or not. Call me when you have something else to ask

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