Ciru Muriuki lands a new job at K24 after leaving NTV’s The Trend

Ciru Muriuki quit the Trend on Friday November 10th. The former Trend panelist didn’t reveal where she was headed but now we can confirm she is joining K24.

The Trend lost two presenters in a span of four months. Larry Madowo was first to leave before Ciru also left for greener pastures.

Madowo left the Trend to focus on the new political show ‘Sidebar’. Ciru however left the Trend to replace Amina Abdi at K24.

“I did my final show on The Trend. It has been three crazy years. When what later became the #TTTT segment started, it was literally 10 minutes of television with me and Anto Neosoul in the Nation FM studios. At the time, i had no way of knowing how big the show would get. This show has opened doors beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m walking through one of those doors now. I’m very excited about what the future holds and I will be sharing the next stage of my journey with you all as soon as I’m allowed to!” Ciru Muriuki wrote when she left the Trend.


Amina Abdi used to host ‘Alfajiri’ show on K24 before she joined the Trend. Ciru Muriuki has replaced Amina as the new host of ‘Alfajiri’.

Ciru will be hosting the show alongside Serah Ndanu Teshna and Jeff Mote. Serah Teshna previously hosted KTN’s The Skin Therapy show while Jeff Mote was also a panelist on the Trend. The trio will officially start their duty on 4th December 2017.


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