Citizen TV’s Kambua finally apologizes after the drama at Vuka Mwaka party at Afraha Stadium

Kambua sparked uproar when she decided to act like a drama queen at end year party in Nakuru. The Citizen TV presenter has since apologize but Kenyans think she is not sincere.

Royal Media Services (RMS) hosted Vuka Mwaka Party at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru. Kambua, Jeff Kuria, Enid Moraa and David Oyuke were the hosts.

Size 8, Pitson, Gloria Muliro, Loise Kim were among gospel artists who performed at the party. The event aired live on Citizen TV giving viewers and revelers a chance to celebrate the crossover.

Kambua the drama queen

Kambua vexed revelers and viewers when she decided to be at the center of it all. The Citizen TV presenter didn’t give other emcees equal chance to host the party.

Trouble started when Kambua took a mic away from Jeff Kuria. Other hosts just stood and watch as Kambua took over the emceeing job like she was the only host.

Netizens expressed their anger with Kambua on social media. Kenyans demanded an apology from the Citizen TV presenter for being very disrespectful to Jeff.


Kambua finally ate the humble pie after the pressure mounted. She issued half-baked apology on Facebook which made things even worse for her.

Kambua pulled down the apology she posted on her Facebook page. Netizens thought she was not sincere and kept on trolling her.





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